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painful menstrual cramps

Painful Menstrual Cramps - Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine First of all, we all know someone that suffers from painful menstruation. That person may be your self or someone close to you. Most people want the painful monthly annoyance to simply stop. That is...

acupuncture and tcm for miscarriage

Whenever I discuss Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for gynecological/ fertility issues I like to highlight that this medicine has thousands of years of wisdom. Yes, you read that correctly - TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has been around for over two...

fertility acupuncturist: recs for male partner

Why is my acupuncturist asking to see my partner’s sperm analysis?? I know what you’re probably thinking… My doctor said my partner is fine! I am not saying that your doctor and/or Reproductive Endocrinologist is incorrect.  Doctors have different training than a...

recs for fertility

More recently everyone knows someone within their close circle that is struggling with fertility. There are many reasons as to why someone can have trouble conceiving. With both men and women, unfortunately we cannot ignore our age. The number of years that have...

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